Who we are

Econamic Recycling is proudly South African

Economic Recycling is 100% owned by the Twinsaver Group. The company was formerly known as Nampak /(Neopak) Recycling – a business that has been a major driver of the South African recycling industry for over 40 years. All the recyclable products we generate are supplied to manufacturers that in turn use these materials to make new products. We have recycling branches in Gauteng and Cape Town where we sort and prepare various grades of paper, plastic, glass and metal packaging.

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What we do

Preserving Natural resources for future generations

We serve a broad sector of the South African community such as Corporates, Educational Institutions, Document Storage Companies, Government Departments, Facilities and Waste Management Companies, Small to Medium sized Recycling Businesses and Recycling start-ups.  We also partner with a number of companies and NGO’s to offer turn-key recycling solutions for most major industries. With tailor-made services to suit our clients’ unique needs, we are always focused on minimizing the amount of waste sent to landfill

Our commitment to the environment and preserving natural resources is evident in the solutions and services we offer.

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What we can recycle

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Econamic Recycling is 100% owned by the Twinsaver Group.

 Econamic Recycling is one of the largest suppliers of recyclable materials.